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Check here for any last-minute updates or changes to the racing documents.

---Port Salinac---

2021/08/22 14:16 Today's results are posted here        (PDF)


2021/08/08 08:50 -- Due to the current weather and state of Lake Michigan, race committee has decided to postpone ALL activity for one hour. The current weather forecast is not favorable for allowing us to race within our window for sailing but race committee will continue to evaluate conditions. Please Standby for additional updates. 
There will be NO 0900 in person competitor's meeting at this point. Stay in stay dry. 

2021/08/06 17:25 -- Awards for Friday's distance race will be presented at the competitors meeting on Saturday, 8/7 at 09:30. 

2021/08/06 10:00 -- Racing for today has been postponed one hour. New start time is 12:00 noon. 

2021/08/02 12:15 -- 2021 Manistee Supplemental Sailing Instructions and Distance Race Course have been posted.


7/25/21 14:17 -- Final provisional results are posted here           (PDF)

7/24/21 18:34 -- Today's results are posted here           (PDF)

7/24/21 11:37 -- Skippers update at 12 noon at the Santana RV

7/24/21 11:22 -- UPDATE the #2 flag will be coming down at 11:30 we are planning on a 13:00 start at this time. 

7/24/21 09:18 -- Due to incoming weather and a lack of wind, race committee has decided to fly the AP over 2 meaning that racing is delayed AT LEAST 2 hours at this point. Check back for updates. Prepare for rain and possible storms, feel free to check out local venues for a meal or to pick up supplies  

7/23/21 16:58 -- Today's results are posted here            (PDF)

7/23/21 10:50 -- NOTICE start flag has been changed from #1 to #2. The flag was white with a red oval and IS NOW blue with a white oval

7/11/21 17:47 -- Day 2 Results are Posted! Same Links Below
7/10/21 12:15 -- AP is coming down at 12:30 for a start time of about 1300. 
7/10/21 09:45 -- Race committee has decided to postpone 2 hours. AP over 2 is flying on the beach. Physical notice board will be moved to the pavilion. 
7/10/21 08:16 -- Yesterday's results are posted here 
Skipper's meeting is at 0930. (PDF)
7/6/21 06:58 -- Nothing to update yet!